Unstable Concrete Is a Safety Hazard

Unstable Concrete Is a Safety Hazard

Correct this with concrete leveling in Rochester Township, Pittsburgh, PA & the South Western PA area

When your concrete is uneven, it opens the door for potential injuries. Avoid this issue by investing in concrete leveling. R. Chase Enterprises uses an environmentally friendly process that perfectly balances your flooring. This will help you avoid falls, trips and liabilities.

Don't let your concrete remain damaged. If your concrete is uneven, call us today to begin your concrete leveling service.

Sunken concrete needs concrete raising

Over time, your concrete may sink due to environmental damage or wear and tear. This poses a safety threat to your property. When this occurs, you need to invest in concrete raising. Using polyurethane and a specialized foam injection, our team will raise your concrete to create a balanced and leveled surface.

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